Rivé Nail + Skin Care Spa

Nail Enhancements

Temporary Tips:  $58

For clients who aren’t regular nail-wearers, temporary tips can be just the thing to add a little dazzle to a special event like a wedding or a prom.

Gel Nails:  $55 + up

For a virtually weightless, sheer, and flawless finish, our gel applications act as an invisible layer of protection for your nails. Whether you choose a more natural look and apply it to your actual nail, choose gel pink and whites for a permanent “French” nail look, or need length and apply it over a tip, it is a healthier alternative to acrylic nails. This includes the finishing touch of your choice of nail lacquer.

Pink and White Sculpted:  $78

Pink and White Over Tips:  $68

Pink and White Over Natural Nails:  $61

Pink and Whites Backfill:  $51

Gel Over Natural Nails:  $55

Gel Over Tips:  $68

Gel Fill:  $43 (3+ weeks $47)

Silk or Linen Nails:  $45 and up

The China silk or Batiste Linen can be applied over the natural nail for added strength, or formed into a tip if you want to add length.

Over Natural Nails:  $53

Over Tips:  $63

Glue Mani-fill:  $32

Linen-fill:  $45 (3+ weeks $49)

Silk-fill:  $45 (3+ weeks $49)

Linen Extension:  $93

A technique developed by a Hungarian woman who immigrated to California in the ‘80s, this application is by far one of the healthiest nail application available in the industry. The actual extended nail is formed completely with layering the Batiste Linen to form an extended nail which out performs any other nail application.  120 minutes

Restoration Treatment: $28

with Gel Polish: $71

with a Mini Manicure: $40

with a Classic Manicure: $55

Return your nails to their natural beauty after the effects of improper removal of various nail enhancements, or protect and strengthen your nails under a gel polish manicure, using Rejuvacote finish. Includes a mini manicure (polish not included).