Rivé Nail + Skin Care Spa

Nail Enhancements

Temporary Tips:  $58

For clients who aren’t regular nail-wearers, temporary tips can be just the thing to add a little dazzle to a special event like a wedding or a prom.

Hard Gel Nails:  $58

For a virtually weightless, sheer, and flawless finish, our gel applications act as an invisible layer of protection for a healthier alternative to acrylic nails.  Choose a natural look with a gel application to your existing nails, pink and whites for a French nail look, or applied over a tip for length. This service includes the finishing touch of your choice of nail lacquer. 60 min

Gel Over Natural Nails:  $58

Gel Over Tips:  $70

2 Week Gel Fill:  $44

3+ Weeks Gel Fill: $48

Silk or Linen Nails:  $45

The China Silk or Batiste Linen can be applied over the natural nail for additional strength, or formed into a tip to add length. 90 min

Over Natural Nails:  $55

Over Tips:  $65

2 Week Linen-Fill:  $46

3+ Week Linen-Fill: $50

Restoration Treatment: $28

This treatment can return your nails to their natural beauty after improper removal of nail enhancements, protect + strengthen your nails to encourage growth, or as a protective layer under a gel polish manicure. 30  min

with a Manicure: $58 [does not include polish]

with Gel Polish: $73

Mini Mani/ Polish Change/ Restoration Treatment: $67

Temporary Tips: $65