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LED not UV

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In light of the latest bashing last week on the talk shows about gel polish applications, we want you to know that we at Rivé are ALL about preserving the health of your nails and skin. We use the LED lights instead of the UV lights to apply our gel polish systems. Many refer to the gel polish applications as ‘Shellac’ much like many call a Band-aide a Band-aide, despite the many other companies that make band-aides. So is the case with the gel polish systems. Shellac was the forerunner of the gel polish applications. However, there now are many, many companies that make gel polish. Here at Rivé, we work with four different companies which enables us to customize the perfect union between your personal body chemistry, and the gel polish application. That’s correct…unless you are going to the ‘discount salons’, and having the same acrylic which is used to repair boats and teeth applied to your nails, it’s all about science, body chemistry, and conscientious work when applying the more healthy nail applications. It takes much more heart and mind. We love what we do at Rivé Nail + Skin Care Spa and we want you to feel the same way!


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BLINC eye enhancing products now featured at Rivé Nail + Skin Care “When it comes to the eyes, BLINC says it all! Don’t paint your lashes, tube them!”

Chocolate Pedicure special extended!

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February’s indulgent pedicure special has been extended to the first day of spring!  It was such a successful indulgence people can’t get enough.  Stop in today